Postgraduate Seminars

College of Science Postgraduate Seminar


June - August 2017

Venue: Zoology Museum (unless noted otherwise)
Time: Thursdays 1pm

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College of Science Postgraduate Seminar


June - August 2016

Venue: Zoology Museum (unless noted otherwise)
Time: Thursdays 1pm

30th June

Becky Cliffe
Title:  Life in the slow lane: The sloth niche, divine or dangerous; a case study in Costa Rica
Marta Rodríguez-Rey
Title Disentangling the main factors for the spread of aquatic invasive species

 14th July

Matteo Rolla 
Title Biodiversity conservation in alpine aquatic ecosystems in Gran Paradiso National Park (Western Italian Alps)
Waldir M. Berbel-Filho
Title:  Sex and parasites in the mangrove: who is winning the arms race?

28th July

Suzana G. Leles
Title Neither phytoplankton nor zooplankton: welcome to the mixotrophic world of marine plankton
Bethan Kultschar
Title Metabolite profiling of a robust cyanobacteria for industrial biotechnology
Dania Albini
Title: Morphological and chemical defences induced by Daphnia magna (cladocera) in two green algae, Scenedesmus quadricauda and Chlorella vulgaris. Modelling the strategy

11th August

Chloe Robinson
Title: O ye of little plague? Linking genetic diversity of North American Signal Crayfish populations (Pacifastacus leniusculus) with prevalence of crayfish plague (Aphanomyces astaci)”
Andrew Lucas
Title: From Community to Individual: DNA Metabarcoding Reveals Pollen Transport by Hoverflies
Dan Sankey
Title: The importance of body orientation in collective herding behaviour

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May - August 2015

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: Thursdays or Tuesdays 1pm

21 May
Elizabeth Evans (Geography)
Title: Applying X-ray Computed Tomography to the study of Tephrochronology
Yanting Ji (Maths)
Title: Existence and uniqueness of stochastic differential delay equation of neutral type
Abstracts here

28 May
Chloe Robinson (Biosciences)
Title: Environmental DNA as a Tool for Detecting and Monitoring Aquatic Invasive Species
Abstract here

11 June
Anna Pigott (Geography)
Title: The idea of the Anthropocene: imagining alternative social and environmental futures in Wales
Abstract here

16 July
Andrew Lucas (Biosciences)
Title: It's not just bees: hoverflies as pollinators in Welsh grasslands
Abstract here
23 July
Rebecca Pawluk (Biosciences)
Title: Colour change in the mangrove killifish, Kryptolebias marmoratus

30 July
Timothy Neate (Computer Science)
Title: Mediating Attention for Second Screen Companion Content

06 August
Anna Rawlings (Biosciences) 
Title: Decay in the canopy: investigating saprotrophic communities in attached angiosperm branches

Jack O’Sullivan (Biosciences)
Title: TBA

20 August 
Speaker: Danis Kiziridis (Maths)
Title: Playing Magic: The Gathering® on networks of competitive interactions

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May - August 2014

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: Thursdays or Tuesdays 1pm

Thursday 15th May
Speaker: Charlotte Davies
Title: Does the importation of live American lobster pose a threat to native European lobster populations?

Thursday 29th May
Speaker: Jacques Olivier-Laloe
Title: Sea, Sand, Sun, and Turtle Sex: How climate change impacts sea turtle populations, and other important questions 

Tuesday 3rd June
Speaker 1: Greame Nelson 
Title: Anaerobic digestion effluent to discharge or reuse by microalgal biomass production

Speaker 2: Natalie Croft
Title: American mink in the UK and its impact on the neighbours

Tuesday 10th June

Tuesday 17th June
Speaker 1: Laurence Dyke
Title: The deglaciation of Southeast Greenland: Synchronicity and driving mechanisms

Speaker 2: Sophie De Grissac
Title: The Early life at sea of juveniles albatrosses and petrels

Tuesday 24th June
Speaker 1: Becky Stringwell
Title: Phenotypic mismatch in hatchery-reared Atlantic salmon stocked in the wild

Tuesday 1st July
Speaker 1: Anna Pigott
Title: Imagining the future: people, environment and social change.

Speaker 2: Alistair Everett
Title: Oceanic Influences on the Melt Rates of Marine-Terminating Glaciers in South East Greenland

Tuesday 8th July
Speaker: Amanda Smith
Title: Effects of artificial infection of juvenile edible crabs, Cancer pagurus with the parasitic dinoflagellate, Hematodinium sp.

Tuesday 15th July
Speaker: Tom Fairchild
Title: Scaling Biodiversity - Ecosystem Function Relationships

Tuesday 22nd July
Speaker: Zayed Abdullah 
Title: Chemical Ecology, Olfaction and Bio-rational Insect Pest Management

Tuesday 29th July
Speaker 1: Brenda Tysse 
Title: Seeing the Unseen: Accelerometry revealing human biology secrets

Speaker 2: Carly Manuel 
Title: How stress influences aggression in the insect pathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae 

Tuesday 5th August
Speaker 1: Chloe Robinson
Title: Assessing phenotypic and genetic divergence in brown trout (Salmo trutta) in Welsh rivers

Speaker 2: Andrew 'Pedro' Roberts
Title: Quantifying the energetic costs of flight in the wandering albatross (Diomedea exulans)

Tuesday 12th August
Speaker 1: William Kay
Title: Harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) at sea: Exploring area usage in a central place forager.

Speaker 2: Hannah Williams
Title: What can accelerometry tell us about soaring flight?

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