Monday 18 January 2021

Wallace Coffee Talks - 26th January 2021

 Wallace Coffee Talks - Winter 2021

26th January - 1pm - Online (Zoom)

Fancy a cup of coffee or tea and learning more about the researchers at Swansea university and beyond? Come join us at the Wallace coffee talks: an informal seminar series where students, staff and others related to Swansea university speak about their research or personal interests.

Dominik Behr - University of Zurich 
Quantifying multistate mortality with incomplete records: A case study of the endangered African wild dog 
Mortality is a key demographic process in ecology and unbiased estimation thereof is paramount to understand and predict population dynamics. Studying mortality in wild animal populations, however, is often impeded by incomplete records such as, for instance, missing time of death of individuals that disappeared under unknown circumstances. In this talk, I will introduce a Bayesian framework to estimate mortality with incomplete records and present an application to a long-term dataset on the endangered African wild dog (Lycaon pictus). Our findings show that mortality during dispersal was lower than at philopatry in wild dogs of either sex. 

More information about Dominik's research project on African wild dogs can be found here: