Friday 30 May 2014

BioMaths Colloquium Series - 30 May 2014

BioMaths Colloquium Series
30 May 2014 - 3pm 

Computer Science Board Room 314 

Faraday Tower

Stochastic models of ecological populations

Dr. Ostap Hryniv

Our BioMaths Colloquium Series concludes for this term, so to make things more challenging, we will change the venue for this time and move to the Computer Science Department! *

We discuss geometric properties of solutions to several stochastic (agent based) models of ecological populations (such as the Bolker-Pacala model, or the spatial logistic equation) and argue that the resulting populations are stable under very natural non-degeneracy conditions on the main parameters of these models. We then use the obtained bounds to describe long-term properties of the corresponding ecological populations.

Based on a joint work with Yu.Kondratiev (Bielefeld), O.Kutovyi (MIT) and S.Molchanov (UNC-Charlotte).

Everyone most welcome to attend, as usual!

* In reality, this is due to building work currently being undertaken in the Maths Department.

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