Monday 23 November 2015

BioMaths Colloquium - 20/11/2015

BioMaths Colloquium Series - 2015/16

20 November 2015 - 3pm Maths Seminar Room 

(room 224 Talbot Building 2nd floor)

A virtual tumour as a tool for Computer-Assisted Therapeutic Strategies

Dr Angélique Stéphanou

Our second BioMaths Colloquium seminar of this academic year was held by Dr Angélique Stéphanou, researcher at the TIMC-IMAG CNRS centre in Grenoble, France. Angélique is interested in Mathematical and Computational Biology, especially concerning cell biology, such as morphogenetics and metabolism.

The progress realised in cancer research showed that the evolution of the disease is much more complex than initially thought, with the occurrence of resistance to treatment. At the same time, this progress contributed to develop and acquire new means to fight and diagnose. But even though the range of therapeutic weapons is still growing, it remains very difficult to make an optimized or relevant use of them. 

An integrated approach as permitted by theoretical modelling, is more than ever necessary to manage the complexity of the problem and to rationalize and optimize the use of the existing therapeutic means of action. In this context, I will present a computational model representing a virtual tumour build from a mouse model and show how it can be a useful tool, tuned to integrate each individual specificities, in order to define an optimum and individualized therapeutic strategy.

The discussions will continue over biscuits and tea/coffee after the seminar. 
Hope to see many of you!

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