Friday 16 December 2016

BioMaths Colloquium - 16/12/2016

BioMaths Colloquium Series - 2016/17

16 December 2016 - 3pm Maths Seminar Room

(room 224 Talbot Building 2nd floor)

Modelling evolution in structured populations involving multiplayer interactions

Professor Mark Broom

(Department of Mathematics,City University of London, UK

from: Broom et al. 2015

This week we welcome Prof Mark Broom from the Department of Mathematics at City University London. Mark is interested in Mathematical Biology, especially in Evolutionary Game Theory. His research comprises theoretical work on games, such as the development of multiplayer game theory, as well as developing methods to model specific animal behaviours, for example prey signalling behaviour or kleptoparasistsm. In addition to journal papers and book chapters, mark recently (2013) published a book game-theoretical models in Biology.

Within the last ten years, models of evolution have begun to incorporate structured populations, including spatial structure, through the modelling of evolutionary processes on graphs (evolutionary graph theory). One limitation of this otherwise quite general framework is that interactions are restricted to pairwise ones, through the edges connecting pairs of individuals. Yet many animal interactions can involve many individuals, and theoretical models also describe such multi-player interactions. 

We shall discuss a more general modelling framework of interactions of structured populations, including the example of competition between territorial animals. Depending upon the behaviour concerned, we can embed the results of different evolutionary games within our structure, as occurs for pairwise games such as the Prisoner's Dilemma or the Hawk-Dove game on graphs. Finally we consider some example population structures and evolutionary dynamics.

The discussions will continue over biscuits and tea/coffee after the seminar. 
Hope to see many of you!

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