Autumn seminars

Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series autumn 2018

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: 1pm

04 October
Speaker: Dani Rabaiotti (Zoological Society of London - ZSL, UK)
Title: From population modelling to popular science writing
Abstract here

25 October
Speaker: Prof Stephen Maberly (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Lancaster, UK)
Title: CO2 in fresh waters: photosynthesis, ecology & global carbon-cycles
Abstract here

01 November
Speaker: Prof James Bullock (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK)
Title: Species’ range shifting and the velocity of climate change
Abstract here

08 November
Speaker: Dr Anne Loison (CNRS, U. Grenoble Alpes & U. Savoie Mont-Blanc)
Title: From diet and habitat selection to demography: large herbivores in the Alps as a case study
Abstract here

15 November

Speaker: Dr Kevin Healy (University of St Andrews, UK)
Title: Comparative approaches to animal trophic ecology and life history strategies
Abstract here

22 November

Speaker: Dr James Higham (New York University, USA)
Title: Understanding primate variation: a perceptual ecology approach
Abstract here

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