Past Seminars

Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series spring 2018

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: 1pm

03 May
Title: The ecology of ageing in wild animal populations
Abstract here

10 May
Title: Using trait-based models to understand vulnerability to extinction and to threats
Abstract here

17 May
Title: Coping with environmental stress in natural populations
Abstract here

14 June
Title: Insect chemical communication: a nexus between behaviour and pest control
Abstract here

20 June (Note different time and week day!)
Title: Genetic characterisation of mussel populations (Mytilus spp.) from the hybrid zone in southwestern England using SNP markers
Abstract here

Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series winter 2018

Venue: Zoology MuseumTime: 1pm

01 February
Title: The Genetics and Epigenetics of Parental Care
Abstract here

15 February
Title: Tesla Valves and Turtle Lungs: The Loopy Evolution of Reptilian Respiratory System
Abstract here

08 March
Title: Asking good research questions in a wicked world
Abstract here

15 March
Title: Mapping and modelling the impacts of dams, weirs, and road culverts
Abstract here

22 March
Title: Ecological drivers and predictors of coral reef carbonate budgets
Abstract here

Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series autumn 2017

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: 1pm

12 October
Title: Embracing variability: The adaptive capacity of aquatic ecosystems
Abstract here
Potential Oscillators and Keystone Modules in Food Webs
Abstract here

09 November
Title: The evolutionary and mechanistic drivers of zebra stripes
Abstract here

16 November
Title: Investigating the links between locomotor morphology, gait and metabolic cost
Abstract here

23 November
Title: Marine megafaunal extinctions
Abstract here

30 November
Title: Social structure and life-history evolution in resident killer whales
Abstract here

Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series spring 2017

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: 1pm

27 April
Title: The Real Game of Thrones: Incest, Dominance and Warfare in Banded Mongooses
Abstract here

04 May
Title: The Biogeography of Plant Population Performance
Abstract here

18 May
Title: Life after death: evolution in a grave
Abstract here

25 May
Title: More than just a Teaching Fellow
Abstract here

Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series winter 2017

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: 1pm

19 January
Title: Improving marine management by accounting for spatial heterogeneity in management costs and stakeholder preferences
Abstract here

26 January
Title: Microevolution in Pacific island white-eyes
Abstract here

09 February
Title: Technology for Nature?
Abstract here

16 February
Title: The effects of oxygen availability and turbulence on water quality in lakes and reservoirs
Abstract here

23 March
Title: Marine mammals in Wales: status and conservation
Abstract here

Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series autumn 2016

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: 1pm

13 October
Title: Macrocolouration: the evolutionary ecology of animal colouration
Abstract here

25 October
Title: Plant biomass degradation by white rot fungi
Abstract here

17 November
Title: The diversifiers of life history strategies in animals and plants
Abstract here

24 November
Title: Hot dogs: understanding climate change impacts in a tropical mammal
Abstract here

01 December
Title: The devil is in the details: on a quest for causality in ecology and evolution
Abstract here

08 December
Speaker: Dr Grant D Stentiford FRC Path (European Union Reference Laboratory for Crustacean Diseases CEFAS Weymouth LaboratoryUK)
Title: Securing the global aquatic food supply - a shared responsibility between producer and consumer nations
Abstract here

Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series spring 2016

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: 1pm

26 April
Speaker: Prof Rob Freckleton (University of Sheffield, UK)
Title: Measuring the rate and nature of evolution using comparative methods
Abstract here

05 May
Speaker: Dr Ben Collen (University College London, UK)
Title: Predicting environmental dynamics in a changing environment
Abstract here

12 May
Speaker: Dr Adriana De Palma (Natural History Museum London, UK)
Title: Land-use impacts on 'beeodiversity' and biodiversity: from data to models to policy
Abstract here

19 May
Speaker: Prof Tim Benton (University of Leeds, UK)
Title: Can sustainable agriculture give us a sustainable food system?
Abstract here

Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series winter 2016

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: 1pm

28 January
Title: Structure and Stability of Ecological Networks - The role of dynamic dimensionality and species variability in resource use
Abstract here

18 February
Title: Spatial cognition in wide-ranging birds
Abstract here

25 February
Title: Diel colour changes in male Sapphirina nigromaculata (Cyclopoida, Copepoda)
Abstract here

17 March
Title: Reputation: a driving force in the evolution of cooperation and punishment
Abstract here

Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series autumn 2015

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: 1pm

14 October
Speaker: Prof Carl G Jones (Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, UK)
Title: Using Species Conservation to Drive the Restoration of Ecosystems
Abstract here

22 October
Speaker: Dr Cynthia Froyd (Swansea University, UK)
Title: Long-term ecology of the Galapagos Islands: applications to present day conservation
Abstract here

12 November
Speaker: Dr Tetsu Kudoh (University of Exeter, UK)
Title: Self-fertilising mangrove killifish as a genetic model for studying embryonic development
Abstract here

19 November
Speaker: Dr Hanna Nuuttila (SEACAMSSwansea University, UK)
Title: Long time no see: Acoustic monitoring of whales, dolphins and porpoises
Abstract here

26 November
Speaker: Prof Graham R. Daborn (Tidal Energy Institute & Estuarine Research CentreAcadia University, Canada)

Title: Tidal Power and the Bay of Fundy
Abstract here

Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series spring 2015

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: 1pm

23 April
Speaker: Prof. EJ Milner-Gulland (Imperial College London, UK)Title: Biodiversity offsetting: challenges in theory and practice

01 May 
Speaker: Dr. Virpi Lummaa (University of Sheffield, UK)
Title: How elephants grow old

14 May
Speaker: Dr. Stephanie Wilson (Bangor University, UK)
Title: Zooplankton and the Scoop on Poop

04 June
Speaker: Dr Sonia Consuegra (Swansea University, UK)
Title: Is genetic diversity really so important?

18 June
Speaker: Dr Lucy Hawkes (University of Exeter, UK)
Title: Unravelling the secrets of the world's highest flying goose


Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series winter 2015

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: 1pm

29 January Speaker: Dr Ruth Callaway (Swansea University, UK)Title: Biodiversity, benthos and bivalves: linking ecological research to coastal management

12 FebruarySpeaker: Prof. Georgina Mace (University College London, UK)Title: Biodiversity and ecosystem services: science-policy advances

26 FebruarySpeaker: Dr Pippa Moore (Aberystwyth University, UK)Title: Climate change impacts in marine ecosystems: a global meta-analysis

12 MarchSpeaker: Dr Samantha Patrick (University of Liverpool, UK)Title: Life history correlates of consistency, plasticity and variability in behaviour

26 MarchSpeaker: Dr. Anna Wilkinson (University of Lincoln, UK)Title: Cold-blooded Cognition: The Missing Class

Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series autumn 2014

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: 1pm

02 October
Speaker: Dr Siân Griffiths (Cardiff University, UK)
Title: The effects of climate change on valuable river fish

16 October
Speaker: Dr. Natalie Cooper (Trinity College Dublin, IE)
Title: Dying without wings: ecological drivers of lifespan variation in mammals and birds

06 November
Speaker: Dr. Seirian Sumner (University of Bristol, UK)
Title: Social behaviour at the level of the genes

20 November
Speaker: Dr Lindsay Turnbull (University of Oxford, UK)
Title: How natural enemies shape plant defences

04 December
Speaker: Dr. Emily Shepard (Swansea University, UK)
Title: The energy in the air: How aerial currents affect movement paths, costs and interactions in soaring birds

Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series spring 2014

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: 1pm

10 April
Speaker: Dr. Andrea Manica (Cambridge University, UK)
Title: The long march of the human genes

08 May
Speaker: Dr. Owen Jones (University of Southern Denmark, DK)
Title: Exploring the landscape of ageing and lifespan in the tree of life

22 May
Speaker: Dr. Edward Codling (University of Essex, UK)
Title: Disease detection in dairy cows through the analysis of individual and social movement behaviour

05 June
Speaker: Dr Andrew L Jackson (Trinity College Dublin, IE)
Title: Evolution of Information Processing

19 June
Speaker: Prof. Simon Leather (Harper Adams University, UK)
Title: Fertilizers, insect pests and natural enemies

Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series winter 2014

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: 1pm

30 January
Speaker: Prof. Kam Tang (Swansea University, UK)
Title: Myth and Mystery of Mid-water Methane

13 February
Speaker: Dr. Gabriele Cozzi (University of Zurich, UK)
Title: Carnivore spatial ecology: interspecific interactions & population demography

27 February
Speaker:  Dr. Thomas Ezard (University of Southampton, UK)
Title: The fitness costs of adaptation by genetic assimilation, phenotypic plasticity and maternal effects

13 March
Speaker: Dr. Christoph Scherber (University of Goettingen, D)
Title: Plant diversity, global change, and multitrophic interactions

20 March
Speaker: Prof. Adrian Thomas (University of Oxford, UK)
Title: Evolutionary Biomechanics: adaptations for flight performance in birds

27 March
Speaker: Dr Eric Morgan (University of Bristol, UK)
Title: Spatial parasite transmission in wild ungulates and carnivores

Speakers for the Biosciences seminar series autumn 2013

Venue: Zoology Museum
Time: 1pm

03 October
Speaker: Dr. James Herbert Read (University of Upsala, Sweden)
Title: The Collective Behaviour of Fish Shoals

14 October (Note change of day!)
Speaker: Dr. Jason Chapman (Rothamsted Research, UK)
Title: Chasing the High-fliers: Recent Insights from Radar Studies of Insect Migration

07 November
Speaker: Dr. John N. Griffin (Swansea University, UK)
Title: The more the merrier? When, where and why does biodiversity matter for ecosystems?

19 November
Speaker: Dr. Jeanne A. Mortimer (University of Florida, USA & Island Conservation Society, Seychelles)
Title: Sea turtles research and conservation in the Indian Ocean

28 November
Speaker: Dr. Alex Thornton (University of Exeter, UK)
Title: Communication, culture and collective motion in corvid societies

05 December
Speaker: Prof. Andy Purvis (Natural History Museum, UK)
Title: Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems - Towards a global model of local biodiversity

19 December
Speaker: Dr. Marc Verdegem (Wageningen University, Netherlands)
Title: Biological Management of Aquatic Systems

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