Monday, 23 June 2014

College of Science Postgraduate Seminar Series 24th June 2014

College of Science Postgraduate Seminar Series - Spring 2014 24th June 2014 - 1pm - Zoology Museum (Wallace)

Phenotypic mismatch in hatchery-reared Atlantic salmon stocked in the wild

Rebecca Stringwell

(PhD student, Swansea University, UK)

Becky is a third year PhD student under the supervision of Dr Carlos Garcia De Leaniz and Professor Rory Wilson, studying maternal effects and genetic diversity in juvenile Salmonids reared for conservation. 
After attending the University of Hull to study Marine and Freshwater Biology,
Becky came to Swansea in 2007 for an MSc in Aquaculture and the Environment before embarking upon her PhD in 2011. 

The phenotype of fish can diverge greatly in captivity, and this may affect post-release survival. Changes in body shape, fluctuating asymmetry (FA), and crypsis were compared among Atlantic salmon fry kept as controls in captivity and those released and subsequently recaptured in the wild. Hatchery fish that survived in the wild became more streamlined, cryptic and displayed a much lower incidence of asymmetric individuals than control fish kept in captivity. 

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