Monday, 27 June 2016

Postgraduate Seminar Speakers 30/06/2016

Postgraduate Seminar Speakers 30th August 2016
                                                                         1pm - Zoology Museum (Wallace 129)

S P E A K E R  

"Life in the slow lane: The sloth niche, divine or dangerous; a case study in Costa Rica."

The sloths survival strategy is camouflage, and as a result, observational research is lacking and very little is known about wild sloth ecology. Without this knowledge, the development of conservation strategies is exceedingly difficult. This project forms a broad study into the ecology, physiology and genetic diversity of two-fingered (C. hoffmanni) and three-fingered (B. variegatus) sloths in Costa Rica. We combine wild sloth activity and movement data with studies into the metabolic rate, energy expenditure, temperature regulation, digestive physiology and population genetics of these poorly understood and highly unusual mammals.

S P E A K E R  

“Disentangling the main factors for the spread of aquatic invasive species”

Invasive species are the second cause of biodiversity loss negatively affecting the invaded ecosystem, native biota and impacting on the economy and health. The situation is highly risky in aquatic ecosystems because freshwater fish are the most imperilled group in the world. Using Species Distribution Models techniques and remote sensing we will try to understand which bioclimatic and anthropogenic variables are more relevant for the distribution of most invasive aquatic species with the aim of predicting and preventing their spread.


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