Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Wallace Coffee Talks - 26 November 2019

Wallace Coffee Talks - Autumn 2019 
26 November - 1pm - Zoology Museum

Fancy a cup of coffee or tea and learning more about the researchers at Swansea university? Come join us at the Wallace coffee talks: an informal seminar series where students, staff and others related to Swansea university speak about their research or personal interests.

Loving Leonardo: Dissolving The Boundaries…
About half a century ago, back in the 1960’s, some engineers and artists in the USA got together and started working on interdisciplinary projects that became known as SciArt. Then it all sort of fizzled out … Fast forward a quarter century to the UK in the mid ‘90s and SciArt resurfaced with the Wellcome Trust, which funded a decade of action research projects to see what happened when medical scientists and artists work together. It was good! Since then, there have been more and more scientific research projects across British universities that include an artist as part of the team.
There’s tons of science and technology in art! I use science and technology all the time! I get to use poison! And explosives! And don’t get me started on Leonardo da Vinci!

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Thinking outside the box: Developing cross disciplinary research with older adults 
The benefits of regularly spending time in natural blue and green environments in terms of overall wellbeing is well documented. But what about when you can’t access those spaces? This talk will focus on how thinking outside the box and working across very diverse academic disciplines can bring potential solutions to these challenges, while enhancing our own academic research to help us better understand the synergies between the natural world and physical and mental health.

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