Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Biosciences Seminar Speaker 19 May 2016

Biosciences Seminar Series - Spring 2016
19 May 2016 - 1pm - Zoology Museum

Can sustainable agriculture give us a sustainable food system?

Prof Tim Benton

(University of Leeds, UK)

Image from seedfeedfood.eu

Other than at a small scale, it makes little sense to think about sustainable agriculture (the supply of food), without also thinking about the demand for food that drives production within the agri-food system.  I’ll examine notions of sustainability, from an environmental perspective, and some of the wicked problems that arise from agriculture impacting upon many ecosystem services (leading to trade-offs between different aspects of impact).  

Whilst we can get better at managing agricultures’ impacts through changing farming efficiency and thinking about ecosystem services and their provision at a landscape scale, without tackling demand, the drive for “intensification” will dominate production systems.  Thus, ultimately, a sustainable farming system requires sustainable demand.

Hope to see many of you - everyone most welcome to attend!

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