Thursday, 5 December 2019

Wallace Coffee Talks - 10 December 2019

Wallace Coffee Talks - Autumn 2019 
10 December - 12pm - Zoology Museum

Fancy a cup of coffee or tea and learning more about the researchers at Swansea university? Come join us at the Wallace coffee talks: an informal seminar series where students, staff and others related to Swansea university speak about their research or personal interests.

Lloyd Hopkins & Emma Brisdion
For What It’s Earth: can podcasts encourage changes that last? 
Forest fires, pollution, over-consumption and climate change - it's hard not to feel down about the environmental outlook for the planet. Ever the optimist, my friend Emma pitched to me (Lloyd), the idea of a sustainability and environment podcast to raise awareness to a raft of issues whilst encouraging small, concerted lifestyle changes from the average person. Armed with a rough plan, a shoe-string budget and some microphones, we recently hit 17,000 total listens after less than a year. For both of us, this was our first real strike out into the world of science communication media. We'll be sharing how we got set up, our planning and recording process, the numerous lessons we learned and more. Discussion and ideas on science communication and outreach will be welcome and very much encouraged!

Twitter: @WhatEarthPod
You can find the podcast on Apple, Spotify, Acast  and Podbean

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