Monday, 25 February 2019

Biosciences Seminar Speaker 28 February 2019

Biosciences Seminar Series - Winter 2019
28 February 2019 - 1pm - Zoology Museum

Bird flight, inside & out: the biomechanics of slow flight

Dr Kristen Crandell

(University of Bangor, UK)

image by Dr Kristen Crandell

Our Biosciences Seminar Series continues with a talk by our guest from Bangor University, Dr Kristen Crandel from the School of Biological Sciences at Bangor University

A vertebrate’s success is intrinsically tied to the ability to move, and the morphology and performance allowing for locomotion is shaped by the environment around it. This talk will summarize my work to date on avian flight mechanics, exploring the aerodynamics of flight alongside the internal musculo-skeletal and morphological adaptations in birds allowing for flight. I will discuss how birds harness energy from their environment (or not), both from the ground and the wind. This includes a focus on how the wind allows hyperarial swallows to forage without cost.  I will also explore how their natal environment has lasting performance implications, and how performance may be used as a proxy for fitness. Finally, I will then take a look inside the bird to explore musculo-skeletal and wing structure and function that allows for increased force production at low cost, and outline a focal study on how birds have evolved over time for aerodynamic (and hydrodynamic) morphologies. 

Hope to see many of you - everyone most welcome to attend!

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