Monday, 18 February 2019

Wallace Coffee Talks - 21 February 2019

Wallace Coffee Talks - Winter 2019 
21 February - 1pm - Zoology Museum

Charlotte Solman (SwanseaUniversity, UK)
Intra-individual variation in sheep wool cortisol
It is becoming increasingly important to be able to accurately assess the welfare of livestock populations, given the many different stressors they are exposed to. My MRes project focused on validating the use of wool samples, collected from Welsh mountain sheep, to measure chronic cortisol concentrations and determine the suitability of this technique for assessing and monitoring the welfare of agricultural sheep populations.

Anna Bracken & Charlotte Christensen (SwanseaUniversity, UK)
A snapshot of Cape chacma baboon fieldwork 2018
Having recently returned from their first field season studying baboons in Cape Town, South Africa, Anna and Charlotte will give a short (photo heavy!), insight on the current conflict with baboons on the Cape, baboon behaviour and how to identify individuals and various interactions, the type of data they collected and the challenges they encountered. They will finish by giving a brief outline of what each of their separate PhD studies will investigate.

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