Monday, 25 February 2019

Wallace Coffee Talks - 26 February 2019

Wallace Coffee Talks - Winter 2019 
26 February - 1pm - Zoology Museum

What’s Welsh for Brexit?
This talk will examine the Brexit vote and subsequent Article 50 negotiation process from a Welsh perspective. Arguing that the vote was driven by similar factors to those at play in the English electorate, the talk then focuses on the lack of awareness of and interest in the positioning of Welsh parties during the negotiation phase. I argue that both trends are driven by the British emphasis of the mediascape in Wales – which poses difficulties given the extent to which Wales is uniquely exposed to a ‘hard’ Brexit outcome.   

Brown trout in the Falkland Islands: ecology, population structure and genetic diversity
Brown trout (Salmo trutta) were introduced to the Falkland Islands on several occasions during the 1940-50’s, mainly for recreational fishing. Since, there has been a marked decline in the native freshwater fish fauna, which consists of only three species of galaxiid fishes, endemic to the Southern Hemisphere (zebra trout Aplochiton zebra, Aplochiton taeniatus, and the Falklands minnow Galaxias maculatus). Given the threats to the long-term conservation of the native galaxiids, detailed knowledge about the life history, movement ecology of brown trout and their overlap and interactions with the native species is urgently needed.

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